The Next Generation of Plant-Based Chefs

Shenarri “Greens” Freeman sprinkles soul into her menu at New York’s Cadence restaurant.

I truly enjoyed my conversation with chef Shenarri “Greens” Freeman during this episode of the FEASTS AND FASHION podcast.

Her Lower East Side Manhattan restaurant, Cadence, is only a couple of months old, yet it’s created much buzz because of its unique concept of chef-driven, plant-based soul food. And chef driven is not used lightly here because Green applies all the knowledge she’s recently acquired from the Institute of Culinary Education's plant-based health-supportive culinary arts program.

The Richmond, Virginia native’s menu is thoughtful, full of flavor, and aims to satisfy. Smoked grits, for example, are enhanced by torched oyster mushrooms, rosemary butter, crispy garlic, and corn and tomato salsa. A savory black-eyed pea garlic pancake comes alive with pickled mustard seeds and a drizzle of sage syrup. And her signature dish, Southern fried lasagna, has already earned a cult following and contains red wine Bolognese, pine nut ricotta, and spinach.

Cadence already stands apart as New York’s only plant-based, soul food restaurant. Additionally, its beverage list contains only Black-owned winemakers. Some come as far as South Africa and Zimbabwe.

During the podcast episode, we discuss all things Cadence, including how her smashing sense of style influenced the concept.