So Many Reasons to Use Her Seasonings

At the dawn of the pandemic, Kailah Moseley Orr quickly switched gears from restaurant owner and chef to launch a tempting line of low-salt spice blends, infused oils, syrups and more.

Kailah Moseley Orr isn’t afraid of change.

The native Chicagoan and her musician husband, Darien, packed their bags and moved to Las Vegas a few years ago for a new life. While he performed with bands on The Strip and elsewhere, she opened a neighborhood diner, one she says attracted a loyal following of area residents for classic American comfort fare, pastries and more.

But once the pandemic struck, they both had to switch up their careers a bit. He continued to perform with local bands, she closed the restaurant, and they both became teachers within the local school district.

Kailah, of course, still had the urge to flex her culinary skills. She played around with some of the spices, infused oils and other flavor enhancements she had created at her restaurant. She gave them to friends and family, and they encouraged her to formally sell and market them.

“I hated sending people to the grocery store for so many little things, so I thought, ‘How can I blend these products for them and we can all just cook together,’” she explained to me during our recent LIVE! Culinary Series episode about how she came up with Savor Spice Co. last summer. “I [originally] made these products for my friends, but they kept harassing me about selling them, so here’s some for everyone.”

The products, inspired by her global travels and hometown experiences, boast multiple uses and may be used on proteins and vegetables, including her #1 best-seller Chicago Jerk Blend, as well as West Side Lemon Pepper (“It took a lot of testing, but I finally got it down!” exclaims Kailah), African yellow curry, truffle oil, and others.

Also available in her online shop is her digital cookbook, Cooking with Intention, which features original recipes using her products, as well as lavender vanilla sugar, Chai-spiced sugar, and gift cards. Product prices range $8 to $20. Baby spice packets, or samplers, start at $3.50.

Thus far, Kailah has created more than 20 products, and look for her to add seasonal items as well as bundle more products as her company evolves.

“I will start rotating a bit more, like bundle some items, because I like to help people curate what they’re going to mix so, for example, if you do these three spices and this oil, you can make these types of meals,” she explains.

Knowing that she will be personally bundling these items — and offering suggestions on how to use them — makes me eager to use my kitchen even more.

[All photos provided by Savor Spice Co.]