My Engaging New IG LIVE! Culinary Series

Get ready for a new format every Friday, featuring original cocktails by Lynn House, and appearances by industry notables and food enthusiasts.

I’m on a roll with one year of the LIVE! Culinary Series officially under my belt. 

With Instagram now allowing creators to feature up to four people in a live video, I’m using it to my advantage to engage audiences even more. 

During an episode last week, whiskey diva Lynn House (Heaven Hill Brands) and Chicago-based chef Thai Dang (HaiSous, Dang Good Wings) joined me to discuss a number of issues, including the importance of guests not ghosting on their restaurant reservations. It was already a problem pre-pandemic, but it’s even more dire as operators struggle to find balance in keeping customers safe while only being able to half fill their dining rooms. 

Every Friday, I’ll use this format: two guests, with Lynn House whipping up signature cocktails for the weekend. Our third person will likely be someone from the hospitality industry, but occasionally we will welcome a food enthusiast to get that person’s perspective on the restaurant scene. 

Envision this new Friday format as a culinary take on “The View” — without the politics or screaming. It’ll be deliciously entertaining. 

See the first episode here. Lynn creates a spring brunch punch, plus she also gives a MASTERCLASS in how to perfect the Bloody Mary cocktail.