Chicago’s First-Ever Organic Eatery is 30

Uncommon Ground owner Helen Cameron chats about the highlights of her pioneering restaurant and how she’s surviving the pandemic.

This month marks 30 years for Uncommon Ground, the pioneering Chicago restaurant that’s made an indelible mark on the local restaurant scene.

Co-owner Helen Cameron joins mixologist Lynn House and me on the LIVE! Culinary Series to talk about the highlights of her iconic eatery, from its ground-breaking organic garden, menus, and craft beer programs to what she and her husband have endured to survive the pandemic. 

She also introduces us to her hard-working co-executive chef team of Chelsea and Mercedes, who oversee the kitchen at the Lakeview establishment. It’s the first time there has been female leadership in the kitchen since Cameron stepped away to handle the business side of her two restaurants.

Also during this episode, Lynn — the mixologist extraordinaire — showcases two new refreshing beverages that update the classic white wine spritzer.

See what you missed during our latest episode, and remember, LIVE! Culinary Series happens every Friday on Instagram at noon CT.