A Chat with ‘The Mindful Chef’

Liesha Barnett is a master food preserver, urban farmer, private chef, and more. She sits down for the FEASTS AND FASHION podcast to discuss her philosophy for nourishment.

The FEASTS AND FASHION podcast is the intersection of food and fashion, which is a creative force in itself. When I get chefs talking about their personal style, their eyes light up. It’s not a question they’re often asked.

Oakland, California-born Liesha Barnett very much welcomed my questions with glee. Her fashion sense, according to her, consists of African-inspired apparel mixed in with a little whimsical “California girl” attitude. I love it!

It totally fits in with Barnett’s culinary point of view, which combines her natural farming instincts with modern techniques. She discusses it at length during this episode of FEASTS AND FASHION.

In addition to serving as a personal chef, Barnett hosts “The Mindful Chef” podcast, which covers everything from preserving food to her thoughts on eating healthier. She also has her own line of seasonings (Oakland Girl Seasonings) and teas.

Watch two clips from our interview below, and then tune in to the full episode right here. A new episode of FEASTS AND FASHION is available every Friday. Subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe!